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  1. 58mm Incafe Heavy Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper

    Regular Price: AUD45.00

    Special Price AUD35.00

    530g Polished Stainless 58mm Flat Steel Base with Anodized Handle, Great for use in cafes or for the home professional. Learn More
  2. Compact Designs 58mm Coffee Tamper

    Regular Price: AUD50.00

    Special Price AUD40.00

    Compact Designs 58mm Coffee Tamper. This coffee hand tamper is great for domestic units or the season professional. The rubber ends make hours of coffee tamping so easy on the hands! Learn More
  3. Pullman Barista Tamper

    Regular Price: AUD170.00

    Special Price AUD125.00

    The Pullman Barista Tamper is the result of three years' research. It builds on the highly successful foundation of the Deluxe Tamper and introduces a tamper designed particularly with high-volume, high-speed and high-quality commercial operators. The result is an ergonomic tamper, perfectly balanced and weighted for the discerning espresso professional. It features a comfortable curved anodized aluminium handle, inlaid with a high-impact acetal knocking cap, to cater for those who like tapping the portafilter with the top of the tamper handle. Learn More
  4. TORR Doppel T Wood Tamper 58mm Base

    Regular Price: AUD192.00

    Special Price AUD170.00

    The Doppel T tamper is useful when you use different machines or different baskets perfect for commercial or domestic machines. i.e. a 41mm piston and a 58mm piston on the other side. Learn More
  5. TORR XS Wood Tamper 58mm Flat Base

    Regular Price: AUD132.00

    Special Price AUD125.00

    Stainless Steel tamper with a polished beautiful handcrafted wood handle and Stainless Steel base. Learn More

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5 Item(s)

Our highly selective White N Two coffee tampers ensure you don’t get stuck with an inferior barista tool.

From the crown jewel of coffee tampers, the Pullman Barista Tamper to intelligently designed tampers, our full line of premier coffee tampers are chosen to consistently perform in the toughest environment.

White N Two also caters for the budget conscious consumer with their affordable coffee tampers which still do the job and are helpful as a back-up coffee tamper.

One thing is for sure White N Two coffee tampers are a superb fit, they look the part and are built to last.

You can depend on our coffee tampers to perfect your barista skills.


Making a perfect espresso is only possible when you have properly pressed the coffee into the steamer. White N Two has the coffee tampers you will need to prepare your coffee for perfect steaming every time. As a specialty online catalogue, we have everything you need for a café, pub or club – serving classically prepared coffee drinks made with espresso. Here, you will be able to find everything you need for making coffee as well as what you need for the location. Make sure your guests are happy today when you are shopping for the different accessories you need through our website.


Perfect Espresso with a Great Coffee Tamper


White N Two provides you with the best coffee tampers. The simplistic design of our tampers makes it possible for you to press the coffee easier and get the perfect espresso every time. When you look on our catalogue, you will discover that we have the exact style you are looking for so you can make better espressos.


Once you have picked out the tamper that you want, we will be happy to ship it to your location. No more having to drive to different locations looking for just the right tools. Everything will be shipped right to your location with the click of a button.


Making a Profit with Better Coffee


When you purchase coffee tampers from White N Two, you will be able to make the coffee that people want. Because these coffees are in such high demand, you can charge a high rate to serve them. It is a great way to add a little more profit to your business. Purchase all the rest of the items you need for your location through our catalogue to complete the look.